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Thursday, July 17, 2008


PM compares Malaysia's Oil/Petrol price and says that it is the "lowest" in the region

Info Minister compares Malaysia's inflation rate and says it is "among the lowest" in the world


I would like to compare also...

If Japanese, Korean, Singaporean...etc... ministers/lawmakers were to resign each time their integrity were questioned, why Malaysian minister cannot resign????? Is this a matter of "mabuk kuasa?" (power crazy) or our minister cannot accept the fact????? Malaysian minister are just so arrogant, and will not step down unless they lost in the General Election. They will defend their position at all cost, with words like "I am not weak or scared!!" , "Siapa cakap? tangkap masuk ISA"("Who dares to slander me? Let's use ISA against him/her") , "It's a lie, i didn't do that" , "It's complete fabrication" , "We've the power to go on, we've ruled for 50 years, we are the best!!" , "I will not step down untill year 2010" , "I still have lots of things to do, the rakyat had given me the mandate....." (yea right. now the rakyat wants you to go)

All it takes it's just a simple "OK, since I've been questioned, I will give up my post, and wait till police clear my name, then will I stand for snap election again"


Friday, July 04, 2008

Lies, and more lies......

It Seems that:

Our Deputy Prime Minister link to the murdered Mongolian model is a complete fabrication, a pack of lies, or so he claims.

Our ex-Deputy Prime Minister alleged that the sodomy charge against him is also a lie, or so he claims...

Prime Minister said ex-Deputy Prime Minister plans to topple the government by September is also a lie, or so he claims...

Prime Minister said his party's member defecting to Opposition is also a lie, or so he claims...

Prime Minister said ex-Prime Minister's statement against the government, against him, against his deputy, are lies, or so he claims...

The judiciary of Malaysia is not spared, with all allegations from the ex-prime minister, current prime minister, and others saying it is not transparent, full of holes, etc...

Statutory declaration by the editor of a very popular website/portal, and a private investigator also can be considered as a lie by the deputy prime minister.

Who are we to believe in then, since person A says person B is a liar, and person B says person A is also a liar?

All because of what happens on the 8th of March 2008. Sigh..... The rakyat is suffering as a result of high petrol prices, high rice price, etc, and certain top politicians are so busy with lies, and lies, and more lies....... Come on man, We didn't vote you in because we want to hear lies, nor do we vote you out because there's too much lies that we've lost confidence in you. We just want peace and stability and UNITY among MALAYSIANS, starting from the very top(the rulers, king and the like) to us, ordinary rakyat. Now everybody are discussing about court cases, about sodomy, about defections, about lies........Why sideline the needs of the rakyat now? Even the prime minister scrapped the bi-weekly salary payment for civil servants, and it got no publicity for the past two days, no outcry, everybody seems more interested in lies, lies, more lies...

To all politicians/rulers/leaders of the country/cabinet ministers, whether or not you are from BN or PR or Independent

Please, for the sake of national peace, stability, unity, Please stop all these allegations of lies, and Please be very transparent (apparently, this is what the Prime Minister said when he took over the helm from Dr M) in all your workings, and Please be more sensitive to the needs of the rakyat. Please understand that there are people who earns less then RM500/month and cannot afford 41% rise in petrol price and food stuffs, and they have a family to feed, unlike some people who has RM18K in entertainment allowances.Please listen and respond to the needs and cries of the people of this country, and not to threaten them with ISA.You have had 5 years governing this country, and Malaysia fell in its transparency ranking and corruption index.Please manage this country well like any other 2nd world/1st world country.

-The humble plea of a rakyat-in-distress-

Thursday, June 19, 2008

FireFox 3

Yea... I've helped in creating a new Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 Hours. CHECK IT OUT!

I've even gotten a certificate for the effort. Thanks to Mozilla Firefox :)

The interface is really cool, very fast downloads, nice address bar, etc...etc... Compare wiith IE8, i prefer Firefox 3 :)


Monday, June 16, 2008

Petrol hike not justifiable

A minister said, Malaysia, as an OIL producing country, which sells HIGH QUALITY oil to other countries, COULD NOT afford to pay petrol subsidies to it's own rakyat (people), because of rising global oil price, and the minister also compare Malaysia's petrol price with other NON-oil producing countries, such as Singapore, Hong Kong.

Comparisons are done as below, and the minister said Malaysia's petrol price is " Among the lowest in Asia"

Singapore Petrol Price (Non Oil Producing country) = RM2++/L
Hong Kong Petrol Price (Non Oil Producing country) = RM4++/L
India Petrol Price (Non Oil Producing country) = RM4++/L

But, the minister, in his ignorance and arrogance, fail to compare petrol prices among oil producing countries, and he doesn't know the meaning of oil producing country VS NON-oil producing countries (something like comparing apple with durian)

Qatar Petrol Price (Oil Producing country) = RM0.78/L
Venezuela's Petrol Price (Oil Producing country = RM0.6*/L
Malaysia Petrol Price (Oil Producing Country = RM2.70/L (lowest in Asia?!@#$%^&@#??$)

Malaysia's Oil Company is selling oil, and they sell based on global oil price, and I am 101% sure there are profits made. but then the minister said global oil price is rising, and the government has no money to subsidise petrol anymore. It's simply ilogical and outrageous and a d**b statement.

Mr minister, don't think that we rakyat are s**p*d, and please, check your facts before you give any press statements regarding oil prices. If wan to compare, compare properly, and you've been fighting against corruption, wanting to make Malaysia into a transparent /fair/just country, but you are not willing to expose the details of our oil company, not willing to listen to the voices of the rakyat, not willing to step down when told, not willing to take any responsibility regarding this. What is the point of slashing 10% of all ministers and deputy ministers entertainment allowances, where there are millions of people in Malaysia who don't earn even 10% of the allowances earned by them??????? Does it mean that the minister will compensate those people who earn less then 10% of allowance from MP's? and it states that the said minister enjoy an entertainment allowance of RM18K++.... @#%@#%@

So, does it mean that the millions of Malaysian who are not that well off financially will get those allowances? Why just 10%? why not 90%? Does it mean those people still get to enjoy life even with 90% allocation, while the rest of us rakyat suffer??

We (the 6++ million Malaysian) know that your party lost 2/3 majority in parliament, and also lost control of 5 states during the recent GE. Is that how you repay the people who have voted you in(as well as those who voted you out). Do not be suprise if during the next GE, your party will lose even the minority in parliment, as well as lose control of ALL states in Malaysia.

The rakyat have spoken, and will speak again.

DISCLAIMER: Any reference made to any parties are co-incidental. The writer holds no responsibility to any injury, misinterpretation, riots, coups, death which arises as a result of reading this entry. This post can be reproduced.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Revival

Hi... The rivival of this blog is in progress. Please be patient as new contents, new layout, new..... are added in.

*I'm BacKKKKkkKkKKkKk*

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Should Fast Food advert be banned?

Will it solve the problem?

If the government were to ban fast food advertisement shown on TV, they have to ban alot of other things as well. For example

1) beer advertisement in the newspaper/cinema shows
2) Fast Food advert on the LRT
2) eventually they have to ban fast food restaurant as well. If the government's reason to ban advertisement is because Kid's will be drawn to it, So are they trying to say that Kids should NOT walk in the streets where there are fast food restaurant around, because they would be drawn to it as well?

I think the more logical way to do it is to still allows the advertisement to be on-air, but they should add on the advertisement with some nutritional facts, then i guess kid's wouldn't get too addicted to the fast food, for fear of being obese, and some other kinds of disorder.

*My Justification*

It will have alot of side effect when the government impose this ban ruling. Even on cigarette packs(I don't smoke), there IS a warning which says "AMARAN OLEH KERAJAAN MALAYSIA. MEROKOK MERBAHAYAKAN KESIHATAN" (Warning from the Malaysian Government, Smoking kills is dangerous to your health)

Now, If such a BIG BIG warning on cigarette packs CANNOT stop people from buying cigarettes, plus the fact that according to the health minister, the number of young people being addicted to smoking is INCREASING day by day, would banning fast food advertisement help in reducing children's health problem with regards to eating too much fast food? *think*

It's like wrapping the burger with a warning wrapper/nutritional fact which says "The burger you are going to eat now contains ***KG G of fats and calories", or " Please refrain from eating me because i can cause obesity", but still, kids(adults alike) will unwrap the wrapper, and continue eating the burger, as though the warning is not there.

if like that, we can ban cigarette sales, liquor sales, and all things that is bad .....etc etc, until all of us will be living on vegetables and soya everyday.

What i am trying to say is that banning advertisement itself WILL NOT cause the problem to cease. The best way is to cut off the root/source of it.

It's the same when people buy cigarettes. The warning is written ON the pack itself, and yet people still ignore the warning and smoke, even though the words "MERBAHAYAKAN KESIHATAN" (Dangerous to health) is written there.

It's all in the mind, and once you are determine to do something, you can and will do it.

And the effects/consequences of smoking is far worse then the effect of having too much fast food

*Disclaimer: The above is the humble opinion of me. No reference made to whatever parties mentioned*

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year...

"Dong dong dong Chiang"

"Chai Shen Dao"

A pretty familiar sound to hear as one walks around the streets of KL, and through big speakers inside shopping malls, people are gearing up for the start of the Lunar New Year, which is in 2 days time. Employees are taking leave to go back hometown/holiday, businesses are seeing profits as Malaysian are well known for last minute shopping, roads leading out of the city will be jammed, sumptuous meals are being served in restaurants(not to mention the exorbitant price of some)… certainly, the joyous festive mood can be seen all around the place, with decorations being put in place in offices, malls, and even in one’s own house, with loud music blasting off from gigantic speakers located at strategic locations on the streets, with millions of greeting cards being sent to friends and relatives… It seemed to me that the New Year had already started =P

I want to wish all my friends, and of course You who are reading this a very prosperous and Happy Lunar New Year…

"Long Ma Jing Shen, Ma Dao Gong Cheng, Xin Xiang Shi Cheng…"

Xin Nian Kuai Le

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I am baCkkkkkkkk!!!

Weeeeeeee..... after so many days/seconds/minutes/months of non-blogging, finally I’ve made a comeback, not permanent though, I might disappear again for God-knows-how-long. Anyway, I have not gone into oblivion yet (touch wood), nor have I forgotten my blog, it’s just that as i grew older (and probably a little wiser), priority seemed to be of much importance then when I was still studying. Time seems to “fly” away much faster now, computer games are of no meaning to me now, not as much as when I was still in university, where 80% of my time goes into online gaming, LAN gaming, and all other modes of gaming. My social life seemed to be hey wired, where most of my friends are my colleagues. Time had changed, and life do goes on.

Throughout the period from my last post until now, there had been numerous updates and interesting events that took place which had affected me, directly and indirectly. In order to save space on the web, and to spare my dear readers of the long, winding, “cheong hei”, detailed story, here are the gist of it. Any question(s) can be directed to my email, or H/P, or any other medium deemed appropriate.

  • I’ve got a new phone
  • I’ve witness a project went live and in use by >50 people concurrently
  • I’ve shifted to a new house
  • I’ve gotten confirmation for my job
  • I’ve brought two close friends for Christmas Eve service in church
  • I’ve spent RM900 cash in a single receipt
  • I’ve came back to MMU for a few times to visit my friends and the CF
  • I’ve experienced taking the last train of the day to go back home
  • I took the last commuter train home, which is at 11.45PM, from Nilai
  • I forgot to bring along my handphone and wallet to work
  • I’ve had 3 bowls of rice in a dinner organized by my boss
  • … etc…etc…

There your have it bros and sis…. The long overdue updates of me. Thanks for visiting throughout this period of idleness, and may this blog be updated as frequent as possible (or as the owner wants it updated) :P


Felice Navidad
Felice Navidad
Felice Navidad
You got to smile The Good Lord is born

I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
From the bottom of my heart

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I want to blog again
but you are too busy to blog

I can find time to blog, say afterwork
but then you will be so tired

Nevermind, I will still blog
but then you don't have net access at home

I can stay back office and blog
Go back and take a rest, 8 hours in office is enough

I will think of something to blog now
You don't have any ideas to begin with....

Excuses * dilemma = confused

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A New Role In My Life

After being in web silence for the past 2+ months, I’ve finally re-emerged as a young working adult, which means to say, I’ve graduated from university… *clap clap clap 100X* It had been 4 years I’ve been in university, and that 4 years had brought me numerous and uncountable feelings and experiences. I’ve known the real value of friendship, once lost, never to returned. I’ve learned the essence of life, I’ve learned to stay strong though under circumstances, I’ve learned not to give up no matter what, I’ve learned……

Now that the 4 years has come to passed, I am now an engineer, working in an IT firm. Things are really different here, compared to in university. In university, I can afford to slack, and my lecturer will understand that I’ve still got a lot to learn. In my workplace if I slack, I will get a red dot in my report card(performance evaluation), that’s the way how life and responsibility change as one gets older *grins*

Now that I’ve completed my education, I’ve several things on my mind. First, I want to get a nice paying, good prospect job, and work til I retire. Secondly, I wish to go holiday around the world(more like in my home state, cause no money) and takes loads and loads of pictures. Thirdly, I wish to settle down, have a wife, and have kids... LOL… may be it’s the PBS(post-blogging-syndrome) that I’m having that makes me feel awkward even when I am blogging now, that’s why all these funny plans came out. But anyway, I’m working now in an IT company, dealing with financial solutions. Things have change, and I too must change for the better.

Keep me in prayer as I go about working, and live on a new role in life.

Shepherd of my soul
I give You full control
Where ever You may lead
I will follow
I have made a choice
To listen for Your voice
Where ever You may lead
I will go

Be it in a quiet pasture
Or by a gentle stream
The Shepherd of my soul
Is by my side
Should I faced a mighty mountain
Or a valley dark and deep
The Shepherd of my soul
Will be my guide